SMG trend: Poland United get away unbeaten home court of Spain SMG trend Monday 001     Poland VS Slovenia game time: 2016-11-15 03:45,   recommended: Sheng Ping; Score: 2-0, 1-1 FIFA Poland team in the latest ranking rose to fifteenth place, this is their highest ranking. The team roster without Naples striker Milic, in front of the impact is not small, in addition, the Bochum defender Davidovich and Lyon defender M ribs also due to injury exit, coach Wawuka recruited Krakow defender of Na Sadlok and Warsaw defender Bailey Hinsch legion. Slovenia and Poland have had 5 meetings, although the world cup had to draw over Poland, but still 2 flat 3 negative down to leeward, 3 friendlies are away from home, not into a ball. The two teams compared to the strength of the current, Slovenia to face the rise of the Poland, fraught with grim possibilities. On Monday 002   Stour Bridge VS White Hawke game time: 2016-11-15 03:45 recommended: flat, negative score: 1-1, 0-1   this is a low level team England in the FA Cup first round replay, two teams had in qualifying even three, the first leg of Hawke and White in words the home court 1-1 handshake. J Tauer Buri from the seventh level of the British North England, currently in the league’s top five teams in the middle of the river (the twelfth), this year is the last of its 8 season in the first round of the FA Cup in the first round of the fifth. White Hawke in the Sixth Division in England south with Chinese and English, the same ranks in the middle (thirteenth), the team in the week in the League home court lost 2-4 Truro City, recently suffered the first defeat of 7 official games. Half player White Hawke’s are foreign aid, its strength and cup track have the advantage, the last 4 FA cup away 3 wins and 1 draws, the chance of promotion is slightly higher than that of the. On Monday 003     VM VS  Everton; Spain United game time: 2016-11-15 07:30 recommendation: negative,   score: 1-2, 1-1; this is the last contest Chile cup 14 finals, the winner will get the last semi-final places, the first round contest in the middle of the week, at the home court of Spain 1-2 regret losing. Everton VM recently 7 games 4 wins, 3 unbeaten, currently ranked thirteenth in the league in Chile (bottom fourth); Spain United recently 8 games 6 wins and 2 losses, temporarily ranked first, the last two seasons in Chile Cup encounter, Spain combined the first two matches the dominant strength the promotion, which is the two round of the season 1-1, penalty shootout promotion. Everton VM past against Spain combined with 4 wins and 8 draws and 12 losses, which in the 1 home court wins 5 flat 6 negative, at least not optimistic about the "leader" opponents double play out.相关的主题文章:


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