Spirituality No other concept defines your spiritual growth more vividly than consciousness. This is spirituality information that lets you know where you lie on the ascending scale of consciousness. Who you really are is consciousness and consciousness is only aware of itself when it is conscious of itself. There are four levels of consciousness and they range from subconscious to conscious to superconscious to supraconscious. You operate within these four levels of consciousness at all times but you are not aware of all these levels of consciousness until you move up the hierarchy of consciousness through understanding and awareness. Each level of consciousness taps into the part of our three-part being that we call our mind. Our individual mind is totally connected to the universal mind and allows us to bring forth anything that we desire from the unmanifest to the manifest. So it would seem to serve us to have a rudimentary understanding of where we stand on the scale of consciousness. The subconscious mind is that part of our existence that handles those tasks of the body that are automatic, such as breathing and creating new cells and beating the heart. It also serves as a memory station for all the people, events and experiences that the physical body has been privy to. The conscious mind is the workhorse that collects every piece of data from each and every moment of the now of your existence. This conscious mind also analyses your past, projects your future, .prehends, with limited awareness, your present moment decision making and provides you with your physical sensory feedback. Through this process the conscious mind is how you interpret your present moment experiences. The analysis you are going through right now, while reading these words, is filtered through your conscious mind. You are seeing whatever you are seeing from your current perspective of your conscious mind and you can actually change that perspective at any given moment by merely moving your perspective to a higher level of consciousness. One of the reasons you are reading this article is so that you can move to a higher level of consciousness. Did you know that? Does that serve you? One of those higher levels of consciousness is the superconscious mind. This is where you truly understand the concept of the mind-body- spirit connectivity. By understanding and acknowledging this definition of who you really are you take on aspects of being totally aware of your true nature. Total awareness and understanding of the true nature of how things work allows you to create in a spontaneous manner in alignment with the manifesting impulse of the spirit side of your being. You are able to live with greater visionary insight and intuition. The other level of higher consciousness is the supraconscious mind. This level of consciousness en.passes all of the above tasks .bined while taking you to the most critical aspect of your being, and that is to know that the individual self that you know of as yourself is, in fact, one with all that is. It is total Life consciousness or, in other words, total God consciousness. At this level of consciousness you are able to identify yourself as a manifestation of God while still understanding that you are an individual life form. Isn’t this fun? It is not necessary for you to fully understand all of the implications of what state of consciousness you are now choosing to experience. As the life process evolves you will keep asking yourself this question, Does this serve me? Does it serve you to live your life at the lower levels of consciousness that essentially keep you entrenched in a mentality that says you are a separate individual who has no idea of their relationship to life and God and all that exists? Or does it serve you to explore the concept that by moving to a higher level of consciousness you can be more in the flow of universal forces that will bring into your life your every intention and desire effortlessly? Which of these concepts serves you? Only you can answer that question. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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