Foshan open culture and industry exchanges outside the stadium of green sports   – Sohu; Foshan open in 2016 third days of culture and industry exchange — with the times, is a discussion on the lawn maintenance and management. Invite Mr. Hao Jianzhong, Professor, Department of vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Industry Association Zhang Juming Bayer China regional chief representative Zhang Beijing green to the United States BRANDT company Chinese Brandt? Chief representative, Miss Fan Hui America rich green Reiter chief representative district director Mr. Yuan Li, Chinese Asia lawn Consultants Limited general manager of Mr. Richard Hamilton and the European tour Chinese director Mr. Simon Leach game area and the guests here launched the turfgrass management and field lawn maintenance topics in-depth exchanges. Fan Hui Hao Jianzhong Hao Jianzhong lawn exchange site in North China in summer and prepare solutions to problems mentioned in "on a golf course, there is no way to advance planning of the annual fertilization program, according to the real-time observation of fertilization scheme decision." He explained in detail the growing process of the lawn is not qualitative, so we do not need to make long-term plans, but we need to prepare contingency plans, so that the lawn maintenance work can do better. The green speed of the stadium is not as fast as possible, but the need to adapt to the requirements of the boss, the golf course and the needs of members." This pointed out that the blind pursuit of green speed in China, the speed of the green will be used as the quality of the evaluation criteria. In the planning of pasture maintenance work, do not separate planning fertilization, pruning, sand and so on, for no one can be considered separately, as are the mutual influence between them turf quality. Guests listen carefully Yuan Li Zhang juming golf course is how to influence the quality of moss lawn, Professor Zhang Juming proposed the notion that algae covered lawn will make the lawn becomes smooth, slow water infiltration, reduce gas exchange, thus affecting the turf and ornamental lawn and practicability. How to control the moss? Professor Zhang Juming also gives his own opinion: mainly from the prevention measures and treatment measures of chemical control, these three aspects to deal with moss, treatment method has lower surface humidity, improve the turf density, reasonable fertilization etc.. For domestic turf management, Bayer Chinese regional chief representative Zhang he served as superintendent? Share in foreign club experience, here to show the participants abroad for the intelligent management of the lawn, while sharing the foreign court staff’s daily work schedule, so we made a comparison of domestic and foreign course management, and Reflection on China’s in the greens mowing the details as the first foreign and small mound of dew in the grass do well. Intelligent management model to the scene to bring a lot of disruptive thinking. The United States BRANDT company China Brandt chief representative fan Hui also for scientific management of this piece published their own views, detailed introduces the process and response to plant growth, talked about the development and application of the carbon cycle, also use the comparison chart and color distribution map to clear image.相关的主题文章:


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