Tang Yan bluntly surprise: only two days earlier I know is the Golden Eagle goddess Tang Yan sweep concern [opera] said the official WeChat Sina entertainment news subscription, the golden goddess who is one of the most popular topics in the audience the Golden Eagle festival. On the evening of 14, the Eleventh China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival and the twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle opening ceremony evening opened the curtain in Hunan Changsha, Golden Eagle goddess finally announced: Tang Yan [micro-blog]. Then Tang Yan interviewed by the media, she revealed that he had one or two days earlier than everyone knows he has become a goddess, bluntly, very pleasantly surprised, also known as this is a lot of their own play a lot of recognition. If you want to get the gold? "Of course I want to! But I still have a long way to go." Honored to shoot a lot of drama, the goddess is my recognition of the opening ceremony, Tang Yan dressed in elegant golden dress first gorgeous debut. Her long skirt mopping the floor, slowly going out in the dream stage, the release of sweet smile, in the shining crown against the backdrop of elegant beauty. Finally, Tang Yan in the "Golden Eagle Wings" action, opened the curtain of the golden eagle, she is also following Liu Yifei [micro-blog], Li Xiaolu [micro-blog], Wang Luodan [micro-blog], Liu Shishi [micro-blog], Zhao Liying [micro-blog], as the new Golden Eagle goddess. Then Tang Yan interviewed by the media, become the Golden Eagle goddess very bluntly "lucky", "happy", "before I took a lot of drama, a golden eagle goddess, is also recognized for me." She also revealed that his film "battle front flavor wild God of cookery" to meet with the audience in the new year will, is currently shooting the movie "Raiders" in europe. It is reported that the "European Raiders" directed by Ma Chucheng [micro-blog], [micro-blog],, starring Tang Yan, is also the "Raiders series" third movies. In recent years, Tang Yan has been "lovers", "Clarke energy-saving" and "Live Flesh", "Tomb notes", "dream partner", "bounty hunters", "nine demon tower" and many other film and television works to the audience. Surprise is one or two days earlier than we know a golden eagle goddess? Of course I want to! Before Tang Yan was announced as the Golden Eagle goddess, the Golden Eagle goddess of flowers who have always been a hot topic. So, when did Tang Yan know themselves to be the Golden Eagle goddess? According to her, in fact, they are one or two days earlier than the audience to know the results, so very pleasantly surprised. The Golden Eagle goddess dress their beautiful, Tang Yan very satisfied, also thank the clothing of the teachers pay, "they say this dress takes one month to make." Now the "goddess", Tang Yan also said with a smile, you certainly want to get the gold, it is for your approval, "but I’m still a long way ahead, if there is a reward, it is also very happy." (Ye Ziwen) statement: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章:


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