Ten days after the disaster: eight shot to witness the "Xiamen speed" a miracle for residents and volunteers together to clean lodging trees. Reporter Chen Lijie photo Xiamen Hercynian morning news (reporter Chen Weiming Yi Fujin Lu Shiyang) 70 meters, the wind speed, on behalf of the international Beaufort table in the highest level 17. 3 September 15th 05, typhoon "Meranti" at the rate of landing in Xiamen Xiangan overnight, will be a beautiful garden on the sea Xiamen destroyed badly, the tree fell, the wall collapsed, roads flooded, water stop, power off…… Overnight, the SAR into the disaster area, the Meteorological History of Xiamen from such records: "Meranti" typhoon in 1949 meteorological records since the strongest typhoon landed in Xiamen, 2016 is the world’s strongest typhoon. 240 hours, that is the time span, with 600 years of history of the city of Xiamen, this is just a short moment, but from September 15th to the ten days and 25 days, it will be in the history of Xiamen wrote a thick and heavy in colours to rebuild their homes, which is ten days, this is a city of unity the ten day, this is the passion of ten days: the tree fell, we lifted up; the wall collapsed, we built up; Lu Yan, we rush through the water and electricity; stopped stopped, we repair…… If the city after the typhoon is gloomy, so after the typhoon in Xiamen but in the dark to show the national civilized city four consecutive spirit background, support model city nine consecutive emotional color. It is the touch of bright colors, magnificent picture painted on the Xiamen to rebuild their homes, creating a reconstruction of the Xiamen speed, Xiamen miracle! The night of tenth days after the disaster, if you wander in the beautiful Yuandang lake, you will see the lake road bridge that clumps of beautiful Bougainvillea bloom, is far from tranquil lake and whether this will make lamps and candles of a myriad families, experienced, your heart is feeling, suddenly appeared like a big the epic beautiful sentences, complements the other chapters in the heroic poem. A fallen tree to be propped up, post disaster reconstruction work is still complicated, although the new typhoon "catfish" healthy tone and potential toward the earth, but we are still willing to look back on the course of towering has just passed, read this magnificent epic agitation in the chapter. Because, this is our city spirit portrayal, this is our most valuable spirit in the face of the storm Our wills unite like a fortress. wealth. Let us look back again, bingshen year, mid autumn day, a storm, a strong leadership of 5:45 on September 15th before dawn meeting – "command center", before dawn, located in water conservancy building 9 floor of the Xiamen city flood control and drought relief command lights. The main person in charge of the relevant departments and units arrived, they rolled his trousers, or wet clothes, like some "confusion", the facial expression is very firm, you know, they overcome the obstacles on the road of adventure arrived here. The outdoor wind is still roaring, the storm is still pouring into the potential, the night took command of the deployment defense typhoon work when he was mayor of Xiamen, Pei Jinjia for the first time held the post disaster reconstruction work plan. In?相关的主题文章:


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