The day before and after the typhoon will affect the southeast coast of Hangzhou next week the weather back 3 prefix (Figure) thought that the weather in Hangzhou, Hangzhou is coming quietly waiting for the autumn, but the weather plays — most of the weekend change constantly in the highest in 30 degrees up and down, and return to the day next week Hangzhou Gas "3" prefix, next Monday two, the highest temperature of 30 degrees. The "golden gas equinox, wind cold autumn dew period. Cool moonlight is full, Guizi fines." At 22:21 yesterday ushered in the twenty-four solar term "equinox", but, if Mancheng fragrance can open the door of Hangzhou fall? According to the Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory, 19-21 day, the average daily temperature in Hangzhou is 22.9 degrees C, 22.6 C, 22.1 C, from the statistics, it seems that the pace of autumn is not far away. But the weather plays will change — this week the next few days, Hangzhou no strong cold air, water vapor condition is not good, is expected to mainly cloudy weather, temperature changes slightly, the highest temperature maintained at 29 DEG C, the lowest in 20-21. Today is cloudy, the temperature is 29-20 degrees centigrade, the average relative humidity is 75%. Provincial Meteorological Observatory is expected today, the province’s highest temperature 27-29 degrees, most of the province will be at the weekend of 30 degrees above and below. From the current forecast, next Monday, two, Hangzhou highest temperature 30. There is a mandatory meteorology, continuous five days average temperature must be below 22 DEG C is the "autumn", it seems still fall beyond the threshold of hangzhou. Now Hangzhou, is still in the summer before the arrival of the state is not full of autumn. Hangzhou average autumn time in September 25th, 2006 also appeared until October 23rd autumn. The need to continue to wait for the real online Hangzhou also fall this year. It’s time to come, not to come again. Yesterday morning, the city people are online a "National Day holiday and may go off the news hit. I say "again", this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday hit in the typhoon "Meranti". Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that the next 10 days, the Northwest Pacific Ocean, there are 2 to 3 typhoons generated, one of which will affect China’s southeast coast about 29 days ago. From the time point of view, almost before and after the national day. According to the Hangzhou municipal meteorological observatory forecast the next 7 days, next Wednesday, four, is 28-29, Hangzhou showers. From the 8-15 day long term forecast, until October 3rd, Hangzhou is the rain rain rain. Of course, the medium and long term forecasts only reflect the trend of the weather, there are uncertainties. After all, the national day of the next game what kind of chess? Or wait for the Meteorological Department authority issued. Lazy people look directly here 24 days (Saturday): cloudy, 20 ~ 29 DEG C, Dongfeng 2-3 grade 25 day (Sunday): cloudy to sunny, 21 to 29 DEG C, Dongfeng 2-3 grade 26 day (Monday): partly cloudy, 20 to 30 DEG C, Dongfeng 2-3 grade 27 day (Tuesday): cloudy. 21 to 30 DEG C, the northeast wind 4-5 level相关的主题文章:


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