The defending champion Sichuan team warm-up debut losing Yang Xuezeng was not pleased with Joseph boss Yang Xuezeng (in) in the game players pointing. Huaxi City Daily News (reporter Yan Wenwen photography Lei Yuandong) Sichuan men’s basketball team in the new season’s first warm-up match, 22 nights in the home 102:109 lost all the way from Guangdong men’s basketball team. After the game, coach Yang Xuezeng are not satisfied with the results, he believes that this game Sichuan team is mainly lost in the mind, not the strength, in the next period of time also need to carry out a series of adjustments, in the hope that the upcoming season are more dazzling performance. In this game, Wu Nan because he was injured in training, hanging mianzhanpai. Foreign aid and Diyin hada in Iran some time ago domestic training with the national team, so the team gave him a longer vacation, so he had not arrived in Chengdu. It is reported that Hadadi will be in the end of this month to Chengdu with the team before the season running, to prepare for the new season CBA league. Less than two generals, the Sichuan team will be affected, but the Guangdong team in the same summer past losses will. Shipeng Wang retired, Yi Jianlian returned to NBA, Guangdong team from the overall lineup is not as good as the previous few seasons. Both sides have many mistakes in the game, playing more nervous, including Yang Xuezeng, Liu Wei after the game repeatedly shake their heads, are considered to be lost in the mind. Yang Xuezeng also said in the interview after the interview, this is a "terrible game", the team did not play the layout of the task, there are still some deficiencies in many aspects. However, with the return of Hadadi, the team in positional warfare and other aspects of progress, the performance will be improved. For Sichuan, this season’s goal to finish the playoffs needs more preparation in the next month.

卫冕冠军四川男篮热身首秀输球 杨学增不满意 川军主帅杨学增(中)在比赛中指点队员。华西都市报讯(记者 闫雯雯 摄影雷远东)四川男篮新赛季的首场热身赛,22日晚在主场102:109不敌远道而来的广东男篮。赛后,主帅杨学增对结果并不满意,他认为,这场比赛四川队主要还是输在心态,而并非实力,在未来的一段时间内还需要进行一系列的调整,期望能够在即将到来的赛季给出更亮眼的表现。本场比赛,吴楠因为在训练之中鼻子受伤,高挂免战牌。而外援哈达迪因前段时间在伊朗国内随国家队训练,因此球队给了他更长的一段假期,因此他还没有抵达成都。据悉,哈达迪将会在本月底到成都与全队进行赛季前的磨合,备战新赛季的CBA联赛。少了两名大将,四川队的实力受到了一定的影响,但广东男篮同样在过去的一个夏天损失了强将。王仕鹏退役,易建联重返NBA,广东队从整体阵容来看的确不如前几个赛季。双方在比赛之中失误都不少,打得也比较紧张,包括杨学增、刘炜在赛后都连连摇头,都认为是输在了心态。杨学增赛后在接受采访时还专门提到,这是一场“糟糕透顶的比赛”,球队并没有打出布置的任务,在多个方面还有一定的欠缺。不过,随着哈达迪的回归,球队在阵地战等方面还有进步的空间,表现将会有一定的提升。对于四川队来说,本赛季想要完成进入季后赛的目标,需要在未来的一个月时间里进行更加充足的准备。相关的主题文章:


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