The explosion of "Red Net" love Yue Yunpeng Song Dandan new apprentice o-po? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Song Dandan Yue Yunpeng has expressed new apprentice from the end of the same? Song Dandan’s new apprentice Yue Yunpeng had expressed the same background from the end of their baby to survive? Sina entertainment news recently, Song Dandan [micro-blog] at the Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman" to accept the new apprentice o-po. Earlier friends broke the news that the relationship with Guo Degang o-po [micro-blog] deal, but now, the same is Song Dandan apprentice. In this regard, users without doubt o-po what thou art background, will make her heart to teach Song Dandan, Guo Degang two people? Not only that, have you found, Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] and partner to Baiyun Obo, express, and you want to marry, to have children, reach old age together." In the "The Legendary Swordsman" preliminaries, Song Dandan praised O Bo A Fagafaga, that the "little girl" completely performed very simply, and after the semi-finals, Song Dandan once again led the EBO excitedly praise ", the same show great talent girl, acting without any burden, I can do the same as completely open. Love eager Song Dandan, immediately on the spot. "The same. For Song Dandan was received as a disciple of a thing, the day before yesterday, micro-blog also same feeling, unexpectedly can worship into Song Dandan under the door, "one day she received a a cipher as an apprentice, the man turned out to be me, never dreamed." And think aloud, said in Taiwan under Song Dandan, "so courteous and accessible like a mother, unable to restrain the emotions want to hug her." But many netizens have questioned, in fact, that Song Dandan received a strong background in Baiyun Obo, is planned for acts, in the "accident" Shoutu The Legendary Swordsman program is it. To this end, many curious users of its deep steak, but did not expect to have unexpected harvest. In the users exposed in the video, including a sketch of the users surprised. And because the EBO partner, is now "red" Yue Yunpeng explosion. In the program, Yue Yunpeng told the same love, "and I want you to get married, have children, reach old age together. Bury me with my children and grandchildren." So alternative and sincere way of confession, so many fans sister said, how did not find you so Yue Yunpeng, I would like to help you monkey!" It is reported that o-po graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2010, earlier in the coal mine work, after longing for the return of comedy EBO platform, so far resigned from office and started the entertainment North road. The exposure from the video on the network, the same has in including CCTV, the major variety show debut, and won the comedy Championship honors. In addition, the same also appeared in "Professor Tian Yin and professor" and other TV shows, movies, and in the web series "don’t move" in group play the female no.. In addition to the frequent appearance in the big screen, the same also continued his studies in drama, and "fun twist" team to star in "Wulongshan Earl" and other programs. Such results, in the comedy actor is top-notch age. Therefore, after Song Dandan saw OBO programs in the "The Legendary Swordsman", her solid performance work)相关的主题文章:


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