The first appearance of Guo Da’s son variety show complained that his father did not care about him – Sohu entertainment   observers Sohu entertainment news Beijing satellite TV, "the Chinese image of the inheritors" has been broadcast two times. In the program, not only a wonderful show from each country’s top art troupes, Chen Daoming, Zhu Dan, Fan Mingsi China, observers of the "wits" also brings a lot of anticipation for the show, and the heritage of people behind the transmission of the story is to let the audience or sigh with emotion, or with awe. This Sunday "the image" wonderful inheritance Chinese upgrade again, not only is the "innovation" and find everything fresh and new folk music see "ambush" of Sun Wukong, and a new interpretation of deconstruction and the ballet "Wukong" staged a stunning, Chen Daoming will also be on the show for the first time exposure of "Ming" lines of secrets, and the scene inspiration of Zhu Dan. While the debut variety show Dazhi Guo Zi Guo Xiaoguang, why the "complaint" in the field of his dad don’t care? As a famous comedian’s son, and why is he from the snack "party" grow up? The show will be announced for you. Folk version of the "house of Flying Daggers" won the Ming Fan Zhu Dan praised the scene "sell adorable" for Chen Daoming coaching lines in this week’s broadcast program, the Central Nationalities Orchestra with a folk music "innovation" and see music "ambush", to show the Han Dynasty a symbol of war in ancient China. The show broke the past can only listen to the music mode, the players dressed up as the story of the characters playing music, interpretation of the story. This kind of innovation for the observer Ming Fan applauded again and again, "let’s show truly make music" sound, handsome, sense!" In the show, playing music performer Zhao Congbian edge storytelling skills, let everyone with great admiration and curiosity, asked Zhao Cong how to do. Zhao Cong on the lines problem in a statement, also let Chen Daoming himself and he discussed the practice method. Chen Daoming "Ming" lines of Secrets Exposed, let love cross acting Zhu Dan immediately seized the opportunity to learn, "immediately sell adorable" for Chen Daoming coaching lines. How is this "house of Flying Daggers" do "can hear"? Chen Daoming is on the site to teach what "secrets"? Please pay attention to the late Sunday, the inheritors of the Chinese image, together with Chen Daoming’s scene teaching. "Innovation" version of the story of Guo Da son Goku launched the "complaint" lack of affection on the "Monkey King" Sun Wukong, has been in the television drama had countless classic interpretation. But how can the deconstruction and innovation of Sun Wukong’s characters, has become a problem for many performers brains to think. However, this week in the "inheritance China image" on the stage of an offbeat drama "Wukong" not only gave Sun Wukong a new image, it caused a lot of controversy. In this drama, Sun Wukong is no longer the "great light monkey", but rather to chase fame and ignore relatives partner utilitarian people. This innovation has attracted the audience no doubt. Observers said China, "why should the classic image to interpret this?" The face of challenge, the screenwriter, the famous comedian Guo Da.相关的主题文章:


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