Web-Design Flash based websites are being widely used all across the web world by web designing agencies for creation of websites and this is predicted to increase in numbers too. But there have also been a number of disputed discussions on the usability and applicability of these flash based web desiging. Here are some of them which will tell us how useful or how unnecessary are these Flash based websites. Lets begin with some Good aspects of Flash Based websites- Flash action scripts have the ability to make websites interactive and lively. Many designers have done flash web designing for websites in order to make them more user friendly, interactive feedback forums to flash games, all can be added in the websites to make them appear human. One advantage of flash web designing is that it does away with the fear of browser .patibility. Several web designers face the problem of browser .patibility, what looks good in one browser sa IE, might just clutter the look of the website in other websites like Firefox or Opera. But if your website is created in flash it shall be visible in any browser provided you have installed the flash player on to your machine. As we all know, it is better to express ideas and thoughts across to people if they are rightly expressed. And this conveying of expressions is possible only with flash. The creatively constructed flash animations make message exchange easier. Now for some drawbacks of flash web designing a website created in flash will be visible on a .puter only if it has a flash player installed. If parts of your web designing is done in flash and the remaining are in HTML, and you do not have a flash player installed, then the sections on flash will appear blank. Many websites provide an option to download flash onto your website, but that again is an additional wastage of time. One major drawback of flash websites is the inability of the search engines to read flash content. The search engine crawlers are designed to read only text matters, places where the web designing firms have used flash to show articles will go unread by the search engines. This results in in.plete optimization of the websites. Flash files are huge in size, hence take a longer time to downloading. This might result in your visitor getting impatient and moving out of your website, finding it nonfunctional. Author: Naman Jain About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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