The Guangyuan men’s murder fled into the Nanshan was zipper armed forces capture (micro-blog) on September 22nd morning, Guangyuan City area Nanhe harmony Lane murder case. After the incident, the suspect fled into the mountains outside the city quickly, but do not want to have armed forces to carry out this week to " " the devil training, hiding in the woods; the suspect was soon surrounded by armed police in one fell swoop. According to witnesses, the victim was a young woman, who died in a knife. After the incident, the suspect is covered with blood quickly fled the scene, ran along the alley outside the Nanshan. It is understood that the scene is not far from the Nanshan, Nanshan high mountains and dense forests, many roads. But let the suspect never thought that, in September 22nd, more than 80 armed police stationed in a scout just in Nanshan training, 10 km mountain marches and armed raid. Chengdu Daily reporter learned that the chief site organization training reconnaissance division Li Jiang, received the public security personnel in the vicinity of the local Bulletin of the murder case, the situation room on duty immediately report to the deputy chief of staff Li Hongsheng and the army, and quickly folded staff. Because the criminal suspects fled in the direction of just in their training area, if the slightest mistake is likely to make the suspect fled in the officers and men of the underground eyelids. Reconnaissance brigade immediately arrange weapons and equipment, adjust the training state from marching formation, into a state of war. Through the analysis of intelligence, reconnaissance company commander Xia Hairong suspect hiding area locked in several jungle, due to unclear criminal suspects who are carrying guns, knives and other weapons, summer commander selected 3 with combat experience, excellent quality of the scout, to a predetermined area close to the hidden, and dragnet search, eventually did not resist Lee captured. Rushed to the police officers to thank the officers and soldiers fought bravely, and then be escorted to the police car, respectively to two locations in the crime scene to identify. September 22nd at 4:30 in the afternoon, the Guangyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau in Guangyuan Ping An micro-blog " " released the case informed that: after the incident, the public security organs immediately start the murder detection mechanism, multi police cooperation, to detect, at 12:50 PM, will be hiding in Nanshan Mountain suspect Moumou arrested. According to the trial, Lee confessed to their crimes. Moumou, male, 25 years old, Sichuan, Guangyuan, the victim song Moumou and Moumou as husband and wife. Two people usually because of emotional discord, the disputes in the family leads to contradiction, under the hot tempered Moumou in generation kill the idea. At present, the case is still under further investigation. Zuo Xiujian Yang Ninghao Chengdu Daily reporter Liu Lei, Yang Ling client pictures according to the police department editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading man fall dead waist pierced continued: because of family conflicts after murdering Dutch act相关的主题文章:


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