The left bank of the highway in Paris not only in Zhoushan Shengsi a Paris Seine River will be divided into two parts, when you face the downstream direction out of the area to the left, the left bank of Seine River is the famous La Rive Gauche. In the hearts of the world, like the "left", such an atmosphere or background in my head: C, art, beauty, lazy, comfortable…… The French used to call the banks around, because they like simple and direct expression. I want to quietly tell you, in fact, Zhoushan people in Shengsi is so simple and direct, the left coast of the Island Highway Sijiao directly called the "left bank highway", expressed by the romantic French, is La Route Gauche. In fact, the left bank of the highway, is a coastal ecological landscape line five East China Sea fishing village, a total length of 2.8 kilometers, it is the side of the green mountains, while the glittering blue ocean, is the essence of Haijima Xiumi’s ecological beauty image. If the left bank of Paris on behalf of the petty bourgeoisie, art, coffee, then the left bank of Shengsi highway is the representative of the island, blue ocean, ecological and leisure. The road has a red riding line, along with the old ship wood plate, stone cage logo, stone cage stool, old wood, crab Octopus street, showing the island green, low-carbon green travel ideas. Rent a bike, the sea breeze blowing, under the blue sky, the sea, do slow motion a leisurely along the left bank of the road, every turn may have fishing production and life scenes in waiting for you. The left bank of Paris and look gorgeous clothing is different, along the Shengsi fishing village, guarding a mountain of the sea, quietly faint happy and pleased with oneself. The natural distribution of stone village will shape the size of the stones, as if the record of all gone with the wind the sea of time. On the far side of the sea, a large and small fishing boat docked, and in the distance there was a view of the sea and sky. Is the meaning of the journey about the end? With others the Raiders turn freely along the left bank of Paris, as the beautiful island along the way to enjoy mountain highway on the left bank of the picture. No one will tell you how to play, it’s all in your heart.相关的主题文章:


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