"The magnificent seven" remake of a star studded was named than the original film silly "- Beijing recently, by Anthony? Directed a remake of" Fukui version of the magnificent seven "officially released in North America, a remake of the 1960 film name famous Westerns (1960 and 1954 remake of the Kurosawa classic" Seven Samurai ") it tells the story of a few people, many cultural backgrounds, different personalities of solidarity, justice story. As the opening film was unveiled earlier this month at the Toronto Film Festival, the new version of "the magnificent seven" action scenes in the Western sense of the original fascinating, full of being refurbished, with a more modern style appear on the big screen, has attracted the attention of the audience of young generation. But after the release of the film at the box office is mediocre, comments also many comments that the film get both praise and blame, although the original film production lineup, Denzel Washington and Chris?? parattah such heavyweight star to join, but because of its preference for grandiose scenes rather than the delicate plot, so "than the original film than the original film a fool". Deliberately change but the lack of sincerity, stereotypes with homage film award winning film "training day" fame Anthony? Fuqua’s version of "the magnificent seven", brought together Denzel? Washington, Chris, Ethan, Hawke etc. parattah?? the name actor, Korean star Li Bingxian has appeared in. The script by Richard and Nick? Pizuolatuo? Vyncke creation, not only used in the 1960 edition of John Sturges? In the movie plot, also referred to other classic westerns, such as the 1952 "noon", 1953 "Shane", and in 1969 the "sunset yellow sand" and so on. The story background has been moved to a small town in Mexico at the end of 1870s, after the end of the civil war on the United States in Mexico, a small village in the story of seven warriors to prevent robbers attacked the villagers’ protection. There is no doubt that the intense action scenes is the absolute highlight of this film, especially the ultimate showdown is very exciting, Western gunfight, master their initial strength and rolling villain using heavy weapons of strong resistance, see people breathless thrilling. The final movie, four on behalf of sacrificial cross warrior occupy 1/3 of the screen, and the scene before the same, even Kurosawa and old have similarities. As Hollywood is one of the few black director Fuqua deliberately change the original uniform, seven white star design into seven characters more diversified, not only of different origin, different races, even the accent will be quite different, in order to highlight the dramatic team. Unfortunately, although the film tries to use cast ethnic diversity to create some interesting and complex plot, but the role of the seven mining is not thorough, let the characters looked thin, can not express the depth of thought, to make such a tribute film stereotypes. "Time" gives this comment: "the film action is very intensive, but also very mindless entertainment, not only can not be regarded as frivolous, but not beyond the birth of Qian相关的主题文章:


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