Hong Kong mainland arena: shooter flowers of spring and summer, spring and summer, CAI Jie Capricorn Cai Jie dialogue Sina Sina entertainment entertainment news of the twenty-ninth Tokyo film festival main competition films "peeling father" of concern, in addition to Wu Zhenyu, Louis Koo [micro-blog] two large men, the film actress in spring and summer, CAI Jie is also quite eye-catching. Two is the movie in Hongkong mainland actor, his debut two or three years to Wu Zhenyu Louis Koo, the drama, the spring and summer is by virtue of the "tap" won awards for blood actress throne, to become a dark horse in new film. Peeling dad is actually the second cooperation of the two, there is no opponent play, but spring and summer and Cai Jie has become a good friend, the Tokyo line will meet to buy comics. Now they are still in the accumulation period of extensive good, but for the spring and summer is relatively free, her choice is more wayward, love is not love the film, do not shoot, because if you do this thing do not believe it, it is very difficult to do". Dialogue spring and summer, Cai Jie Sina entertainment: why will participate in this film? Cai Jie: I have been chosen and the participating was already very happy, I only 2 years old, this can work with Liang Kun, Yang Guo, or super happy. Spring and summer: I also selected, they are very good at acting, popularity is also very good actor, but I’m in the movie. The play is not much, but the director said it has special meaning, represents a kind of yearning for family values. Spring and summer Sina entertainment: spring and summer from the refrigerator out of the play impressive. Spring and summer: when injured, a Freon refrigerator, I was bitten, actually take that shot is quite suffocating. Sina entertainment: Cai Jie has a very interesting dance with dad…… Cai Jie: that really drunk, the director said that if you drink wine to drink, mood, I also want to be able to play not to drag, finally out of so many movies, I love this game, but the blush was painting. Sina entertainment: when did you two become friends? Cai Jie: I’m a Capricorn. She’s a shooter. I don’t know why I’m talking. Spring: no good, the first time I met you is wearing that Miffy suit, very lady came to a goddess, I also dare not speak, Cai Jie: I think she is very special, a person sitting there not talking to anyone. Spring summer: I’m the one who doesn’t talk to me. Cai Jie: I love to play with weirdo. Cai Jie has been a good friend of Sina entertainment with spring and summer: as an actress in the mainland, feel that their position in the Hongkong film industry? Spring and summer: I do not specifically go to the two industries, most of the time is not a form of industrial things, I now do this job is the love on the beat, not love can not go, very happy, very free, not happy without freedom there is no necessary to do so. Cai Jie: I remember spring and summer, if you do not believe this thing, it is difficult to do. I work in Hongkong, I think there are different cultures, but the actors are.相关的主题文章:


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