The mother and daughter suspected many days before it was found dead in the original title: Meizhou electric home mother and daughter died in a suspected shock, discovered several days later on the morning of 22, the Meijiang Public Security Bureau in the new police station received a report that a man, he lived in the Jiangnan Ding min Lu village teachers relatives back in the bathroom. In recent days, relatives and friends call their phones are sound but no answer, the suspect had an accident and found the door to unlock the door to open the door, only to find relatives in the bathroom. According to the police the police, they rushed to the scene, both down in the bathroom and two per capita has no signs of life. Young girl holding a shower naked down in the bathroom, a middle-aged woman dressed in the direction of lodging tend to young girls. According to informed sources, the young woman 17 years old, attended the technical school. 19 am, the school teacher found that he did not go to class, had called his mother, but no one answered. Together with the middle-aged woman lying in the bathroom more than and 40 years old, his relatives did not see his mother and daughter for several days and repeatedly called his cell phone no answer. Thus, the morning of 22, called the master broke into the door, only to find that both mother and daughter had an accident, suspected of leakage caused by electric water heater. The insider speculated that perhaps the girl was taking a shower after the shock, the mother went to the rescue but also an accident. Source: Meizhou daily editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:


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