The new president Trump art collection and aesthetic interests of the original title: Donald? Trump art collection and the interests of aesthetics in the new US President Donald Trump Shanxi? We can give Donald · Trump played a series of labels, but very few people will be in touch with his art collection together. In fact, Trump is also a unique artistic preference of collectors. In the spring of 1994, a man named Paul, who came into the third floor of the Museum of modern art in New York, used a pair of glue to stick a picture on the wall. He placed a small card in the pictures, read: "Donald · Trump couple donated". Because of the size of the painting and the surrounding exhibits close to the museum until 48 hours after the discovery of mr.. "I think this is love Donald Trump will work." After the unknown painter told reporters. Describing his behavior as a kind of resistance: "the gallery is only for the commercial success of the artist, the museum should provide more opportunities for unknown artists." But he did not explain the relationship between Trump couples with the black-and-white Abstract paintings. We can give Donald · Trump played a series of labels: he is a net worth of billions of real estate developers, best-selling author, Warren, outspoken presidential candidate, or the new president of the United States, but very few people will be in touch with his art collection together. I did not Trump arty, he had heart straight said: "my friends have a lot of money on paintings, but I want to do something to make the world people cherish, can see, let every Washington people are proud of the things." Although in recent years, few people praise Trump aesthetic vision, but early, many critics have studied the so-called "Trump aesthetics". They think that due to the Trump aesthetic, he built skyscrapers have most modern buildings of New York, the building is Trump the most valuable art collection "". Built in 1983, Trump Building is a glass wall building a very futuristic, by American architect Tyski (DerScutt) was designed, the interior decoration by the legendary designer Angela? Tang Xi (AngeloDonghia) completed. "New York guest" architectural critic Paul · Goldberg (PaulGoldberger) wrote that he had "a pleasant surprise" to describe the building, "Trump Building lobby may be public places in the next several years of New York’s most comfortable." In 1995, the "Time" architectural critic Herbert · Maas Cam (HerbertMuschamp) was the Columbus Square Trump international hotel building wrote a commentary thereon, and Trump meet. In 1999 he and Trump visiting Andy? The exhibition of Warhol, a standing ovation at Trump shouting "Mr. President" — 17 years ago, Trump has been in the talk show jokes about the presidential campaign. Maas Cam in the records of the comic show experience said "I do not appreciate his taste, boat相关的主题文章:


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