These little things do not the car will break down in winter – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] truth lab buddies, double eleven to buy cool? Circle of friends are all kinds of scraper, buy buy buy, to buy their own, to the family to buy, dear people to buy, but you have not thought of your car? Most of the North City have been or will enter the heating season, the city and the Yangtze River Basin will soon enter the cold winter, when we add warm clothing to yourself, don’t forget to give the car a "clothes" also added, and we talk about the truth today – before the winter should give love car to do what? Oil is the engine lubricating oil, engine lubrication antifriction, auxiliary cooling, sealing, rust corrosion, shock absorption effect. The engine has a lot of friction between the movement of the metal surface, these components fast movement, poor environment, the operating temperature of up to 400° C to 600° C. In such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricants can reduce engine parts wear and prolong service life. From the nature of oil, oil is oil, the freezing point is very low, but for most of the north, the night to minus ten degrees are not uncommon, so the appropriate choice of the oil is very important, after all, the engine is the heart of the car. So how to identify the label? We usually see the machine drums marked as "5W-40", where W represents winter, in front of the figure represents the ice point temperature, corresponding to the 0W label common freezing point temperature is -35 degrees, 5W -30, 10W -25, 15W -20, the higher the value that the higher the year. So in the winter before, we should change the appropriate grade of oil, usually North 5W owners to replace the oil is appropriate, in north cold area 0W oil replacement insurance. Antifreeze can prevent the engine cooling water in the water tank boiling in hot summer, avoid overheating the engine "boil", its boiling point at 110-120 degrees higher than the boiling point of water, and the engine operating temperature is usually around 100 degrees. Another role is to prevent the vehicle antifreeze in winter after stopping the cooling liquid ice cooling system is usually split up, the owners need to pay attention to the packaging of the freezing mark, Ding Ke and don’t and the actual temperature can choose when to set aside 10 degree temperature difference is appropriate. In addition, antifreeze also has the role of corrosion prevention and waterproof scale. Antifreeze and oil as replacement frequently, but also does not mean that it is not life, most manufacturers recommend owners replaced every two years vehicle antifreeze, we can also refer to vehicle specifications. The most important thing is that we need to check how much antifreeze, antifreeze usually in the engine compartment of the "transparent sphere", is a pink liquid sphere with the lowest and highest mark, you can check their own. Some owners in order to save money, often with ordinary tap water instead of glass water, but in the winter, due to negligence, often to the winter water will freeze. And like a relatively cheap glass of water, even in the engine room is not frozen in the clear.相关的主题文章:


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