This is Andy · Warhol; the most mysterious works with light shadows to show many people of pop art pioneer Andy · Warhol’s cognitive mostly on some representative symbols, such as a variety of color Marilyn · Monroe silk screen prints, piles of soup cans, treasure colorful Coca-Cola, as well as all over the Black Banana so, Shanghai Yuz Art Museum Andy · Warhol works "the shadow" is completely different, it is the artist’s most mysterious works. In the art museum two buildings, 102 pieces of screen printing work close to the edge of the abstract, each piece is about 120cm wide and 180cm high, with positive and negative alternately in the form of exhibition on the wall lined up, line up to 135 meters, almost 1000 square meters of exhibition space around the walls, standing here in the audience there is a color purple, dark red, bright yellow, blue, silver and a large black abstract color close feeling package. These 102 works become a whole installation works. Andy · Warhol, shadow, New York 1978-1979 dia art foundation collection @ Andy · Warhol visual arts foundation New York artists Copyright Association (ARS) "the shadow" series is a 1978 Andy · Warhol (Andy Warhol) in the creation of factory help a series of abstract paintings of screen printing. He called "a shadow in my studio photos, with paint on the screen printed on the screen". The "shadow" literally means that the dark side of the object is cut off by the light beam, such as the "non existence", "ghost", "precursor", "imitation", "tracking spy" and so on. Founded in 1974 the dia art foundation is known as the minimalist and earth art "base camp" is one of the most respected international art institutions. "Shadow" is the fund’s collection of more than 40 artists, the largest piece of more than and 600 works. Dia art foundation once housed Andy · more than 200 pieces of works of Warhol, later all donated to the Warhol Museum of American art, but left a "shadow" series. Andy · Warhol, shadow, New York 1978-1979 dia art foundation collection @ Andy · Warhol visual arts foundation New York Artists Association (ARS) è copyright of the French National Academy of art history; ric de Chassey told the surging news reporter exclusive interview, talked about how to interpret Andy · Warhol think this group of abstract plane this piece of work, with his creation in 1970s are closely linked, can be described as Andy · Warhol’s statement in 1970s. When the artists face the end of painting may end in question, the abstract expressionism of avant-garde movement of doubt, even the end of art questions. But "shadow"相关的主题文章:


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