This is the most beautiful snow police in Henan, a picture of 10 million people crying warm business card: Ma Qiang: 31 years old, Shangqiu city traffic police detachment of a brigade squadron Deputy squadron commander, from the police for 9 years. Because of duty against the ice glazed hat in the snow back attracted users attention. Editor’s note: snow yesterday swept the Central Plains, we cheered and watched the snow, there is a group of people still stick to their suffering from cold snow, most willing to "destroy" in the street, just to protect your home on the road of the peace. Today, the heavy launch of the river side of the mysterious figure is today face open bar, the first launch is not a positive face but shocked tens of thousands of people back photos. In November 22nd, Shangqiu ushered in the first snowfall this winter. That night, a Shangqiu traffic police on duty in the snow, the hat on the ice glazed photos were sent to the Internet users, the rapid fire, people’s daily, CCTV, the Ministry of public security, Henan daily, Henan TV and other administrative micro-blog widely reproduced, tens of millions of hits. Subsequently, netizens have also joined the army forward soon, "snow police" jump into "red net". Side view, the most beautiful snow police really deserved ah! At least that’s what I thought. In November 23rd, Dahe · client; Dahe reporter linked to the "red snow warning net". He is a detachment of Shangqiu City Traffic Police Brigade squadron Deputy squadron commander Ma Qiang, 31 years old, engaged in police work has been in the past 9 years. It is understood that Ma Qiang on location in Shangqiu Shenhuo Avenue and the intersection of the road of democracy, there are around the school, is near to the train station, traffic is large, once the rain or snow, the road will be more congestion. Ma Qiang on duty. 22, 4 pm, Shangqiu blizzard, Ma Qiang and colleagues to work in advance, on duty, has been standing in the road for nearly 4 hours, busy traffic, even the snow would have no time to take care of, so that the hat is all covered with snow, still a long ice glass, clothing clothing also poured thick snow. "I have been working on the road for 9 years. I just want to do my duty. Never thought it would be a net." Ma Qiang accept River client reporter, said the snow on duty more than one person, and he struggled with a dozen colleagues are so, he is just a microcosm of China’s thousands of traffic police. Friends crazy point like, more to snowstorm moved attention the most beautiful "snow police" in addition to the media, V, many users are involved in "like force". See Ma Qiang back, there are a lot of family members of the police think of fighting in a line of loved ones. King: @ swollen mouth when dad is the director of the police station one new year our family I Blizzard until today have not seen more than that of snow city’s traffic down for a few days we had a family of three in grandmother home meal return road out soon soon dad parked the car to the side of the road to let my mother and grandmother back home alone to walk a few hours to go back, but that day he presided over the work, or in a year are rare holiday. In addition to the police is empathy, there are a lot of friends for the traffic police to praise @Super Yuan Xiansen: serve the people you have worked hard, as you like, cute!相关的主题文章:


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