To play a good hand! Sandra Ng successfully sold to make millions of Sandra Ng successfully sold Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, last week the government suddenly suppress the overheated residential property market, on the 5 day this month to improve Ren Zhai property transactions from the price of the stamp tax, unified tax rate increased to fifteen percent, many owners have discounts to attract buyers, but at the same time, there are still many buyers have the opportunity to cut prices without fear or market. In November 2010 the name of the private sector to spend 8 million 138 thousand yuan (HK $, about 7 million 140 thousand yuan) to buy a 459 foot bel air middle unit Sandra Ng [micro-blog] today, market sources refers to the tax increase, to 9 million 500 thousand yuan (HK $, about 8 million 330 thousand yuan) to sell, earn 1 million 362 thousand yuan (HK $, the carrying amount of about 1 million 190 thousand yuan 17% liters). At the same time, there are market news that Sandra Ng had in the middle of last year has begun to sell more units a year ago, bid 11 million yuan (HK $, about 9 million 650 thousand yuan), that for the same seat of the lower floors of the unit, the rate of increase in the former to sell 10 million 550 thousand yuan (HK $, about 9 million 260 thousand yuan). As Sandra Ng’s brother Wu Junxiang [micro-blog] girlfriend entertainer Jiang Meiyi, telephone interview, admitted that Sandra did sell more units, she said: "I know she sold, she bought all the investment. Have you ever heard of this unit for Wu Junxiang? We didn’t move in at all. (such as the rate of increase after sell?) Congratulations to her!" (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章:


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