Train ticket pre-sale period adjusted to 30 days to buy new year’s train tickets and so on and so on, the Internet, mobile phone client and telephone ticket pre-sale period is 60 days, that is to say, a few days later, the railway department will be on sale for the new year’s small holiday train tickets. But yesterday, the railway department announced that the pre-sale period of the train ticket will be adjusted. After December 30th, the ticket pre-sale period is adjusted to 30 days, that is to say, the small partners who want to buy new year’s train tickets in the next few days may have to wait. Today, the railway department is offering tickets for December 29th and before. And the above mentioned provisions of popular point explanation is: December 29th and before the ticket is currently on sale, passengers can buy through the Internet and other channels, but after December 30th tickets, only 30 days ahead of time to buy. That is to say, if passengers want to buy high-speed rail tickets from Ningbo to Shanghai in Hongqiao on New Year’s day, they may not be available until December 3rd. The Railway Department explained the reason for the pre-sale period adjustment because some of the new lines will be opened and operated. By the end of the year, a number of high-speed trains, including Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail, Guiyang to Kunming section will be opened and operated, and NingBo Railway Station will be opened to Kunming high-speed rail train.

火车票预售期调整为30天 买元旦火车票需再等等   目前,互联网、手机客户端及电话的火车票预售期是60天,就是说,本来再过几天,铁路部门就将开售元旦小长假的火车票。但昨天,铁路部门发布消息,火车票预售期将进行调整。12月30日之后车票预售期调整为30天,就是说,过几天想买元旦火车票的小伙伴们可能还要再等等了。   今天起,铁路部门开始发售12月29日及之前的火车票。而上面提到的这条规定的通俗点解释就是:12月29日及之前的车票是目前正常发售的,旅客可以通过互联网等渠道进行购买,但12月30日之后的车票,只能提前30天才能购买。就是说,如果旅客要购买元旦当天宁波到上海虹桥的高铁票,可能要等到12月3日才能买到。   而铁路部门对预售期调整的原因解释是因为部分新线即将开通运营。年底前,包括沪昆高铁贵阳至昆明段等一批高铁将开通运营,届时宁波站或将开通直达昆明的高铁列车。相关的主题文章:


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