Tsinghua University Department of new year honours degree. All undergraduate highest academic education accreditation – Sohu, as a pilot unit of national comprehensive reform education in Tsinghua University and Peking University will add a degree — "honorary degree". Want to get honorary degree is not difficult, just learning tyrants is not enough, but also have outstanding innovation, research potential. Relevant person in charge of the Tsinghua University, said the school students can get an honorary degree will not exceed 10%. Undergraduate students of the highest academic recognition of the new school year, Peking University undergraduate teaching reform, the conditions are ripe to encourage the Department, set up a "Bachelor" honor, encouraging students to elective more challenging honors course of practice and actively participate in innovation. Yesterday, Tsinghua University also announced the establishment of an honorary degree, as the highest academic recognition given to undergraduate students. According to reports, Tsinghua honor degree will be the first pilot in the Tsien Hsueshen mechanics class, the first recruit 50 people, including this year’s enrollment of the students to join the class of the new money, the remaining 22 places will be selected for the whole school freshman. Tsien Hsueshen, Professor of mechanics, Tsinghua University, said Professor Zheng Quanshui, the selection will be carried out next spring, the main test of students’ technological innovation ideas, to explore the courage and the courage to express and performance. It’s not easy to get an honorary degree. According to the provisions of Tsinghua University, the students must be repaired at least 148 credits, of which the school universal course of the 28 credits, the basic structure of the course of the minimum of 50 credits, honor challenge courses for the 70 credits. Honors a total of 18 courses, from freshman to junior, each semester of the 3 doors, a total of 6 series, namely, mathematics, natural science, engineering, research, humanities and comprehensive. Not only is the "excellence" degree "honours" system in the United Kingdom, Australia, America, Singapore and other colleges and universities has been practiced for many years, namely "honors degree", the main value of students’ study achievement (GPA), honors courses and scientific research work. Want to get Tsinghua’s honorary degree, only good grades are not enough. In addition to get enough credits, 18 honors courses with good results, of which 6 series of at least two series of outstanding. In addition, the students also need to complete the senior high school fellows program, honorary degree thesis, etc., but also to undertake the low grade honors teaching assistant. Students also participate in scientific research at the undergraduate level, first of all participating laboratories involved in the inquiry, after 144 hours of work in the laboratory, and then spent 388 hours of independent thought, and academic achievements can be published basically; and finally to the top universities abroad or innovative enterprises, for half of. The results of the research are better than those of the foreign students, and they have performed well in the teaching of foreign studies, theses, and honors. Zheng Li, director of the dean of the Tsinghua University, said that in the future, undergraduate honors degree will also be implemented on the basis of the pilot, but ultimately the proportion of students can get an honorary degree will not exceed 10%. Honorary degree alone awarded honorary degree is not just a degree, or colleges and universities to break the inherent training model to encourage students.相关的主题文章:


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