Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The first one in the category is VRLA battery or Valve regulated lead Acid battery and is rechargeable, like any other lead-acid battery. The feature that makes it unique is that VRLA batteries do not require water to be added. Absorbed glass mat technology with calcium grids makes it to achieve this. These batteries provide high rated performance and longer life .pared to other products. When you are looking for an ideal charge voltage limit, you will find it critical. There is a misbalance between the high voltage and longer life. The high voltage battery which is above 2.40V/cell gives good performance but has shorter life because of grid corrosion. On the other hand, a low voltage gets sulfaction on the negative plate. When we talk about VRLA batteries, we must now that due to low internal resistance, they accept charge really well. The risks are that on overcharging, battery gets damaged. Their capacity decreases and lifespan gets reduced. Over charging is enormously harmful for any VRLA battery because of their sealed design. Overcharging leads to the discharge of oxygen and hydrogen out of it through the pressure relief valves and dries the battery. Similarly, if you happen to continually undercharge it, a power-robbing layer of sulfate will form on the positive plate, creating the impediment or barrier in recharging the battery. Both overcharging and undercharging leads to reduced capacity, performance and life. One of the after effects of undercharging is plate shedding. Hence it is important that the charger must be used to limit voltage. Many chargers are available in the markets that are temperature .pensated for the prevention of under and overcharging by monitoring temperature changes. Apart from VRLA battery, lead acid battery also .e is other two types. One is Gel based and second one is AGM. Gel battery A Gel battery is lead acid electric storage battery, which is permanently sealed using pressure valves and is not to be opened. These are .pletely maintenance free and Thixotropic gelled electrolyte is used as the storage mechanism. It utilizes a re.bination reaction, preventing the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases which are otherwise lost in a flooded lead acid battery (mostly when used for deep cycle application). Owing to its sealed design, it is non-spillable and is quite portable. The only caution is that upside-down installation is not re.mended. To prolong life and maintain it, one must retorque the connections and the box should be cleaned regularly by the hardware store. AGM battery An AGM battery is also a lead-acid electric storage battery which is sealed using special pressure valves and not to be opened. It is maintenance free. They are manufactured as sealed unit with electrolytes absorbed in separators which contains sponge-like mass of matted glass fibers. Like the gel unit, it uses the re.bination reaction to prevent discharging of hydrogen and oxygen gasses. It is non-spillable and portable. The re.mendation is that it should not be installed upside-down. These three batteries are improved versions of Lead Acid battery. Unlike the Lead acid units, these are sealed, portable and give high performance and longer life. They are also more eco-friendly than their predecessor About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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