The US Department of defense confirmed killed the Islamic state organization "Minister of information" on 16 September, Xinhua news agency, Washington (reporter Lu good flying Xu Jianmei) 16 U. S. Department of Defense said, died in an air raid extremist organization Islamic state "information minister who recently in the United States led the union army. The United States Department of Defense spokesman Peter · Cook said in a statement the same day, the US led coalition forces in the north of the city 7 days this month in the Islamic state of Syria, near the headquarters of La extremist organization information minister Wael successfully carried out precision strike. The statement said, Wael is the Islamic state organization member of the leadership, work closely with the organization had been killed former spokesman A De Nani, is mainly responsible for the producer of the extremist organization propaganda use of torture and execution of prisoners video. American Broadcasting Company quoted unnamed U.S. officials said the United States believes, who may be the Islamic state organization number three, can through special channels to contact the organization, leader baghdadi. U.S. Department of Defense said that this is the United States led coalition forces in the past second months, the successful completion of the Islamic state senior leaders to strike. U.S. Defense Department had said in a statement, Islamic state, former spokesman Adnane killed in an air raid in August 30th. Since 2014, Adnane is responsible for the publicity and planning of foreign terrorist attacks in the Islamic state, earlier this year, he has released recordings in the network during Ramadan, calling on his followers to launch an attack in the world. U.S. National Broadcasting Corporation has quoted unnamed U.S. military and intelligence officials said the United States government once considered A De, a greater threat than the presence of Nani.相关的主题文章:


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