U.S. media: North Korea missile submarine may have been started up to 10 meters in diameter "38 degrees North American" website reported, according to the latest satellite photos of the Airbus Company, the new plant north of Sinpo shipyard may have began to build its first aircraft domestic conventional powered missile submarine. Inferred from the vicinity of the plant parts of the submarine, the hull of the pressure hull diameter may reach 10 meters, if so, North Korea’s missile submarine or license to carry multiple ballistic missiles. Figure in the logo, labeled as part dumps yellow dotted line in the region, one can see large parts of 10 meters in diameter, presumably pressure hull ribs, also can see some large components is 31 meters long, photo taken on September 24th. (map) beauty "38 degrees north" website reported that commercial satellite photos show that there are clear signs that North Korea’s Sinpo shipyard started to build new submarines. Although there is no direct evidence that the submarine will carry ballistic missiles, but its hull size so it is possible to infer. Although cannot exclude photographed parts are used for other projects, but if this is a new generation of North Korean missile submarine parts, so this type of submarine will be significantly greater than the North Korean ballistic missile submarine active test. Reported that although North Korea has been built in a number of different locations submarines, but North Korea Sinpo shipyard is the base of most of its submarines. The base is also the seat of the North Korean Academy of National Defense Academy of Marine Sciences, has the ability to build a variety of surface ships and submarines, North Korean naval weapons and missiles are also the main research base. North Korea Sinpo class submarines are also in this building. After the completion of the Sinpo class missile test submarine, North Korea began to upgrade the plant related equipment and construction facilities. The most obvious sign is that since 2014, North Korea has installed the roof on the main dock and assembly plant here, which had been demolished from the roof in 2010. From the outside, in November 2014, the assembly plant has been completed, the dock was completed in October 2015. These facilities allow North Korea to have the ability to build new submarines, and this type of submarine is much greater than before the "Sinpo" and r. From satellite photos, from January 2016 to September, there are indications that: a large number of various size components began to appear in the two parts storage area, after adjustment, into the assembly plant. Two installation on the rail crane and gantry crane in the storage area to move back and forth. A large number of workers can be seen occasionally between the two main plants or in the parts storage area. Occasional large parts transporter. Two factory doors have opened. Local amplification, 10 meters in diameter steel ring visible installed on the rail flatcar, possibly submarine rib. In addition, the September 24th photo shows that there are some 10 m diameter round parts appear, inferred from the photos, they may be sent to the assembly shop. Observer network military commentator said, according to earlier reports, the largest submarine North Korea had obtained 629 conventionally powered ballistic missile submarine Soviet retired, the boat is 8 meters wide. North Korea made Sinpo class submarine missile test. The width is smaller, about 6 meters. If a new generation of North Korean missile submarine hull width.相关的主题文章:


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