UK Championship analysis: Blackpool win promotion to the Sohu 2016-08-31 Beijing time Wednesday morning at the 02:452016-2017 England tournament in the first lap race, which Blackpool will return home court against cheltenham. Blackpool confrontation dominated, but recent record continues to decline; Maqieerteng Beckham promoted the new season is still not bad, the first win. The team in Blackpool since plummeted results in relegation after three years, the team three notches in the football league this season will be. Blackpool in the new season first home court beat Exeter 2-0 successful League opener, but this is also the team’s only victory since August. For a British cup, Blackpool a 0-2 defeat to Crystal Palace, was eliminated, after the game, nearly 5 games only recorded a record of 3 flat 2 negative, the state is very bad. The team is not beautiful because at both ends of the performance is not ideal, nearly 5 Battle of the tournament only scored 4 goals, conceding 7 goals, both ends of the mediocre team limited. Fortunately, Blackpool home court achievements are guaranteed, the new season of 5 games in all competitions home court made 1 wins 4 flat unbeaten. Maqieerteng Beckham promoted last season and won the Champions League and promoted to the IPU. Although promoted to Serie B, but the team’s strength is limited, this season is likely to be bogged down in the relegation mire. From the pre-season to see the team new season state is not good, the new season 5 warm-up matches only 1 wins 4 of the negative record, after the start of the season, Cheltenham made only 1 wins in 6 matches in all competitions, the League won only 3 flat 1 negative record, the team of a a British League trip to 0-2 against Newcastle, was eliminated, the tournament suffered two defeats, the state is very bad. The team in the battle in leeward, this battle away, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve the desired results. Against past performance history of the two teams recorded two times against Blackpool League beat opponents 2-1. The ball game analysis of the game is for two teams two teams between the war, Blackpool was relegated, and Cheltenham is promoted, the situation is bad, but Black Eli has a home court advantage, but the new season remained unbeaten home court. The European game company BET365 2.20-3.40-3.20 open day old, showing its strength on the Blackpool cheltenham. Blackpool new season 1 wins, 4 unbeaten home court, but also achieved victory record against past performance, the overall strength to Biqieerteng Beckham is high, so this battle will win the home court in Blackpool is expected to. Color recommended: 3相关的主题文章:


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