Home-and-Family Because people are more conscious about their health now more than ever, perhaps because of the mounting health risks in the environment, it is not surprising that a number of people prefer organic meat over other types of meat. One popular type of organic meat is the Angus beef. For some, buying an Angus beef is not worth it, considering that many believe that the Angus beef is not at par with more high-quality meat products. But besides the fact that Angus beef is one of the more preferred beef today due to its refined taste, its benefits certainly make its price worth it. As the name suggest, the Angus beef is from a cattle breed called the Angus. Due to their more selective feeding practices, the Angus cattle produces marbled meat, a type of meat that has an unsaturated fatty acid called the Omega-3, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, can improve blood circulation, can increase the breakdown of a protein called fibrin (which is responsible for the clotting of the blood), among other benefits. Unsaturated fat isnt at all risk-free; after all, it is still fat. However, unsaturated fats in Angus beef and organic meat are much safer .pared to saturated fact, especially when consumed in controlled doses. Angus beef is considered as an organic meat (also known as natural meat) due to the way the Angus cattle was raised. In a nutshell, organic meat, like organic food items, are produced without using any food additives. Like the National Organic Program that regulates products claiming to be organic, the American Angus Association gives the brand to certified Angus beef products to help consumers identify authentic organic Angus meat. Basically, the Angus cattle are grass-fed. Hence, the beef that .es from this type of cattle is healthier than most of the meat products available in the market. This is because Omega-3 can actually be found in grass. So, obviously, if the cattle eat only grass, their meat will be safer to consumer. This goes without saying that the meat of any type of animal will be affected with what they eat. In a way, this is similar to how vegetables and fruits treated with insecticides be.e risky and dangerous to consume. The produce can absorb the harmful ingredients of such products. The same goes for animals; what they eat and consume will be.e part of their meat products once they are prepared for public consumption. Because of this, Angus beef (and organic meat in general) is much safer to eat .pared to other beef products (Unknown to many, beef is actually the meat product with the most saturated fat; many think pork is the product with the most harmful fat) since it has a considerable amount of Omega-3. This means Angus beef has the same benefits as Omega-3, besides the fact that Angus beef is leaner. Of course, eating organic meat can never be an alternative to exercise and other .mon health regime. But eating organic meat such as Angus beef adheres to the te.s of proper diet, which one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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