Careers-Employment Pushkar is regarded as one of the best tourist places in India where you can visit and worship God Brahma in a prehistoric Brahma temple along with visiting renowned Pushkar Lake. The place is located in Rajasthan and proffers you with a glimpse of Rajasthani culture. The place is also famous for its camel fair where thousands of camels are gathered and traded. Mesmerize your weekend vacations by availing holiday packages for Pushkar which provide oyu can opportunity to visit various sacred temples in Pushkar depicting the rich culture and traditional values of this place. The places that you can visit in Pushkar are as follows: Brahma Temple: One of the most sacred temples that is located in the Pushkar city is Brahma Temple. Lord Brahma is depicted as the ultimate creator of the whole universe as per beliefs of Hindu mythology. This temple is beautifully constructed with marvelous white marble stones. Moreover, the place also contains an idol of Lord Brahma. The temple is decorated with silver coins and white & black chequered floor. Pushkar Lake: This is one of the best lakes that are situated in Pushkar. This lake is surrounded by 52 ghats, thereby enhancing its aesthetic value. Many renowned stories are associated with this place. One story tells about a demon named Vajra Nabha who killed the mighty child of Lord Brahma, and then Lord Brahma hit the demon with a lotus flower that resulted in the death of the demon. After this, the lotus fell into the Pushkar and a lake was formed where Lord Brahma used to sacrifice on a full moon day. People consider this Pushkar Lake as blessed and firmly believe that if someone will bath in this lake he’ll be free from all sins and mistakes, and will also achieve salvation. Varah Temple: This temple is depicted as one of the sacred temples located in Pushkar. The temple is devoted to almighty Lord Vishnu and also .prises of an image of Lord Vishnu in avatar of desolate boar. Many people firmly believe that lord Vishnu took the avatar of wild boar or Varah, in order to kill the wicked demon Himayaksh. Savitri temple: This temple is .pletely devoted to Goddess Savitri, which is the first spouse of God Vishnu. The temple is nearby the Brahma temple and is recognized as the second major temples in Pushkar. Furthermore, when you will visit this temple, you can see scenic beauty of nature i.e. eminent Pushkar Lake and g.eous sand dunes. By optinf for best holiday packages for Pushkar, you can enjoy several excursions to prominent places that are situated nearby Pushkar, like Kunchaman which is famous for palaces and forts; Ajmer Dargah, Sambhar Lake and Kisangarh fort etc. Moreover, you can also indulge in other recreational activities in Pushkar like shopping, eating and boating etc. Every year Pushkar fair is also .anized in which numerous camels are traded and where you can also enjoy the camel ride. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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