"We" Karen Mok met life crisis was under the ruthless hand – Ming Xi entertainment Sohu "we have come to the" Karen Mok case life crisis Sohu Hunan TV entertainment news "we have come to the" continued to force, on Friday 20:20 broadcast eighth. In the latest issue of the program, all the guests were on the water balloon fight, playing awfully. But at the same time, Karen Mok said that Xi Mengyao wanted to "murder" themselves, this is what is the matter? Love her so her bold confession Ming Xi Karen Mok in the last week, the Ten Star guests came to the beautiful Yunnan Tengchong, carried out a series of fun water game. In the water balloon fight, Karen Mok incarnation of "flying fish" show super explosive force, but is all way ahead, "Xi devil" vigorously hugged and lost the advantage of Ming xi. In the aspects of the game, Xi Mengyao focused on the other side of the full general Karen Mok, drag, pull, cuddle, hug each other, to exhaust all the skills to. The face of Xi Mengyao’s fancy tactics, Karen Mok in her arms under the move, no other case even mouth bite Xi Mengyao’s arm to seek a breakthrough, but she exhausted also overwhelmed "Xi devil" of strange force. After the game Karen Mok dead beat, even ashore is very difficult, "Wang Han said with a smile hanging on the shore," and "Xi Mengyao hastened the initiator of evil" to comfort. After Karen Mok and Wang Han fit to ridicule Xi Mengyao as a Karen Mok fan even under the ruthless hand, "to murder", Xi Mengyao explained his love because she so hold her adorable performance dumbfounding. Although the game make Teng strength is not small, but Karen Mok and Xi Mengyao two people still as in the past in the face of Xi Mengyao Karen Mok to deeply attached to each other, the advertisement also enthusiastically send a kiss to you. This combination of idols and fans will be how to wipe out the spark? Expected after the wonderful program content. The scene Karen Mok shows the song after the operation of diverse charm in this episode, Karen Mok under the leadership of Wang Han went to the room experience in television production process, to produce their own TV show Karen Mok frankly love challenge something difficult, the dream made her look more dazzling. In the Chengdu Railway Station in the show, Karen Mok had to push her "moon bear protection plan", called for animal care and love overflowing her more attractive. "Long legs", "melody song", "five mixed", these should be former members of the Karen Mok label several of the most familiar, but "we are coming", Karen Mok again and again to refresh people to know her. To show the beauty of Oriental women’s civilization, "we have come", in a different form and rich content, to show Karen Mok in a variety of charm outside the song. In this week’s show, ten star guests will go to the harbor city of Dalian cultural experience, where they will be what kind of story? Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV, "we are here", let’s see!相关的主题文章:


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