Who will increase the price to buy iPhone 7? As in gambling businesses hoard goods from the apple iPhone 77 Plus the first sales a month had passed. Although people generally look bad exposure at the beginning of a new generation of iPhone, but the brand Apple let the first day of the sales are still hot, plus the biggest rival Samsung Note7 because the fire problem such discontinued God assists, iPhone this year in the first 7 months of sales did not appear as before the release of opinion prediction so unbearable. Although apple can not escape saturation caused the embarrassing lack of innovation in the mobile phone market, but powerful brand influence and let the cattle powder because of two new color iPhone 7 coming crazy. I haven’t had a iPhone increase in crazy situation again this year staged the so-called "small apple". Increase to 20000? The iPhone event returned from the iPhone 5, apple in the domestic market in order to control the phenomenon of cattle stockpile of the reservation purchase strategy selection. The user can choose the online direct purchase, or make an appointment nearby retail store to pick it up, which makes the original hot iPhone purchase market calm a lot. In addition to Apple China more and more attention to the market, a few years after the first pin of iPhone except for the Ministry deliberately card network iPhone 6 almost every year starting fare is not to reproduce the 4S era of madness. But the situation has changed somewhat this year. The first pin according to the feedback of the market, equipped with a new dual camera iPhone 7 Plus has become the new darling of the market, the average price reached 2000 yuan, while the bright black color is hard to find a machine to be exposed to high price of twenty thousand yuan. Bright black is not to arrive, a few thousand dollars is a normal phenomenon." Near Beijing, Shuangjing, an authorized dealer on behalf of apple Wang Gang (a pseudonym) said. Because the bright black iPhone 7 process increases the difficulty of initial production capacity, coupled with the previous model and there are obvious differences, therefore listed by users and dealers to stir. In the end of the iPhone 7 who have been bought? Before a month is before September 16th is the busiest node in Shenzhen Huaqiang North market, almost all the dealers are busy in the stockpile, the purpose is to grab at this time iPhone 7 pin to make a fortune. Back in Shenzhen Huaqiang North more than ten years of KK (a pseudonym) in an interview with digital Tencent said, "first add money to buy iPhone 7 more businesses, consumers only occupy a small part." From the preliminary investigation to understand digital Tencent, on September 16th, a 128GB Hong Kong version of iPhone 7 matt black to sell more than 7100 yuan, while a bright black Plus price two times in matt black, even if the price is not restricted the pace of store goods dealers. In Huaqiang North there is a saying, cash is king. Implication is here as long as you kenga money, would want to buy models. Just started selling iPhone 7 a few days ago, Apple’s official website has shown to be shipped in a month or so, it is also.相关的主题文章:


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