Why can’t you cut your eyes too wide? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Liu Tianyi, the micro-blog, is a window of the soul, a pair of beautiful eyes will give people a sense of. Beautiful eyes skin, bright eyes! Like the single eyelids, stupid! God! No temperament! Eyes skin, lovely! Nimble! Mei Mei da! The beauty of the butterfly project is preferred for double eyelid! So, how wide is it? The wider the better? Let’s take a look at it! In recent years, there are many cases of double eyelid surgery failure. A lot of it is because the double fold is too wide, appear false! (such as this sister paper) (such as the aunt), the story of blood and tears tell us, do not cut the width of the eyelids! How to choose their own skin? On the shape and width of double eyelid has been very concerned about the issue of beauty. In general, the width of the open double eyelid width, moderate and narrow three. Eyelid width according to the width of a person’s face, eyebrow to palpebral margin (i.e. upper eyelid width), orbital depth and other factors to determine the thickness of upper eyelid. Large facial fullness, eyebrow eyelid to distance wide, orbital deep, wide eyes can do; instead, you should do some narrow. The Oriental upper eyelid orbital narrow, flat, low eyebrow, upper eyelid thick eyelid should not be too wide, generally 4~8 mm is appropriate. In fact, as long as through the operation of the two narrow glazed eyes, transformed into a brilliant, lively and vivid and beautiful eyes to achieve the purpose, does not necessarily have to make a very obvious eyelid. Five kinds of common double fold design of the 1, wider and wider eyes, refers to the width of the 1cm double fold. This width suitable for surface and rectangular eyebrow high, the East is generally not suitable for the wide eyes. 2, moderate moderate double eyelid refers to the width of 7-8mm double fold. Most of the beauty of this breadth are willing to accept. 3, narrower and narrower eyes with a width of 4-5mm double fold eyelid. Some people want to cut their eyes, and I am afraid that people talk about, so do not be too wide, do not be too narrow, some natural, not easy to be found surgery, so I hope to do this width. 4, outside the wide narrow finger fold of upper eyelid and palpebral edge distance in 13 wide palpebral margin (more than 7-8mm), including 13 narrow (less than 7-8mm) of the eyelid. This kind of double fold is suitable for the face rectangle, and the appearance is dignified single eyelid beauty, but not suitable for the eye crack small beauty. 5, a total length of a fold of upper eyelid and palpebral edge distance is moderate, and consistent with the length of the double fold eyelid. This kind of double eyelid gives people a feeling of peace and happiness, and also suitable for people with long, slender eyes. Experts recommend that VENUS double eyelid to do a little narrow, often eyelids"相关的主题文章:


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