Why do you want to torment Li Xiaonan in the three provinces? What is the outcome of the three provinces of – Heilongjiang people’s original title: why do you want to torture the three provinces of China? What is the outcome of the three Su province? "Sparrow" TV being hit, since the role of Jiangsu provinces, it caused the attention of netizens, "sparrow" in the novel, Yin Zheng played three Su Province torture Li Xiaonan, causing Li Xiaonan cruel dead, many users wonder how Jiangsu provinces torture Li Xiaonan? Three, love is not su Li Xiaonan? Why torture Li Xiaonan? See the thirty-sixth episode, Li Xiaonan was very worried about three, Su Province, see Li Xiaonan All is well., dancing, three Su province sweet smile. In the novel, the three provinces in the end is what?. "Sparrow", played by Yin Zheng and Jiangsu provinces is a sinister agents extremely cruel and merciless cold, "surrender" to Wang, but his evil than the head agent is No. Whatever the ruthless means for interests, wherever abuses of a massacre, evil place, covered with murderous; lightning thunderstorm comes, walking wind, very eye-catching. Yin is fierce unruly Su provinces, seems like the dark lines of disease Jiao body, eyes, facial expressions, lines and subtle body language he is performing in the transfer. The lines are some bright spots, "to do what others can’t pull it out of the deep hatred", make people shiver all over though not cold. Netizens put the image into "a lunatic with a vicious handsome, handsome villain, a wolf like temperament. The reason why Yin Zheng was sought after, but also in the role of the human nature of their own complex and the two sides play incisively and vividly. The murderous, Jiangsu provinces heart has hidden the warmth of the slightest desire, meticulous care of his family, met Li Xiaonan after the love grows, interpretation of Yin Zheng’s background and personality lack of character development is very deep and delicate. He has never been exposed in the secret service department, the voice is low, act, speak to give people a sense of oppression. In the face of Li Xiaonan, Jiangsu provinces even like a gentle fall in love the innocent boy, the gas field and the secret identity of the people he will be quite different, not by the boy laugh, because of misunderstanding is a small man lay still happy, send roses to send snacks, in order to save a little boy to hurt, meet happy face a small man feeding him soup, sometimes jealous of her rival…… At this time the Jiangsu provinces is a good adorable warm man, Yin Zheng especially his sweet smile was sincere, love, fun fans "saw the little male, second landlord silly son". Such a contrast Meng, so that the audience was Yin crazy circle powder. Three, Su Li Xiaonan is tortured because of love, the more he loved Li Xiaonan more torture Li Xiaonan, perhaps this is the Su three uneasy soul lost in the province during the performance of the faith of Li Xiaonan is like a flower blooming in the sunflower, sunflower, Li Xiaonan and even with their blood to irrigate it. But as a betrayal of Jiangsu provinces naturally do not want the sunflowers in full bloom, so in love with Li Xiaonan Su three province but also killed Li Xiaonan. Three provinces to deal with Li Xiaonan’s means extremely cruel, perhaps this is the three provinces in the province killed his own soul. )相关的主题文章:


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