Why other people’s house rose 10 times, your home is not moving? The house has become the biggest asset of each family, everyone wants their house appreciation, each developer also hopes to become the king of the secondary market for their own projects. But the reality is cruel: the same city in different regions. For example, Tianjin, some areas of real estate prices rose year by year, and some areas simply do not move; adjacent to the gap between the 2 large. Shenzhen on both sides of a path, where 10 in case of flat, opposite the flat in the case of 5 is often something. The difference between different cities is even greater. Two the same year graduated university students, respectively in Shanghai and the three line of the city work to buy a house, Shanghai rose 10 times, three lines only doubled, the same capacity of two people the wealth gap reached 15 million; some of this gap due to fate. Ming Yuanjun to say, this has nothing to do with the fate, this is a process of the distribution of wealth, there are people to have money, never to money. If prices are no longer popular, some houses may be devalued, that is to say the money is divided. This "penny" process is how to complete? How to make the house as much money as possible? This is every owner and real estate people will care about, please listen to Yuanjun slowly come out. Where does the value of the house come from? To discuss the appreciation and depreciation of the house, of course, to find out where the value of the house. The value of a house does not come from the house itself. That is, the use of the best materials, repair an ordinary residential, but also about 3000 per square meter cost. Close the doors and windows, do not look out of the window, the house will not be better than the three line line. Beijing sell some Jiwanshiwanyi flat of the old house, as well as some of the three lines of the old buildings. Ming Yuanjun believes that the value of the house lies in: the convenience of living in the house where to go, what kind of way of life. Specifically: 1, the child can go to what kind of kindergarten and school; 2, adults can go to what kind of work unit, how far away; and 3, the old man to the hospital is convenient? 4, women go to the good shopping malls, how far the market, the clothes in the shopping mall, whether it is trendy, whether the market is clean dishes rich? 5, what kind of people live in the community, can make friends? 6, open the window to see what the scenery, there is no wind blowing in?………… The house that connects you with everything that is related to your life. You are a collection of social relations, the house is a collection of daily life trajectory. The value of the house, from the life of the various buildings on the track, a variety of services, a variety of opportunities. Around these resources, different houses in a distribution, this distribution is actually the allocation of money, the key is how, how? How is the house divided into money? The house can be divided into three levels. The first level of the community level of wealth distribution, mainly through the possession of the resources of the monopoly to achieve for example: for example, before the community there are 5 buildings in the old buildings can see the sea 8. This time, built two 15 storey building, and repair the best projecting position in the sea view, so the 5 old building would not be able to see the sea. Then, the community through environmental conventions, regulations can not repair the house at the seaside, so the two new building as a monopoly)相关的主题文章:


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