Xiamen Xiangan Dongting Road opened to traffic from the island to Dadeng Dongting Road opened to traffic by 8 kilometers, crossing the southern Metro morning news Xiang Xiang Department of town road Annan Dongting Road opened to traffic! From the island to Xiangan Dadeng, you don’t need to detour from Xiangan Avenue Xiangan Road, Xiangan road to dadeng. The people out of the Xiangan tunnel, can go directly to the Dongting Road, Xiangan Road, will be shortened to about 8 km away, saving 8 minutes -10 minutes. It is understood that the road length of 3.5 kilometers, the main road for asphalt pavement, set to 6 lanes, 50 km maximum speed limit. The road between Xiangan road and Xiangan Road, Xiangan road has not been opened in the Dongting Road will become Xiangan avenue to the new shortcut to Xiangan East Road, is the island to Dadeng a recent channel. The sign of the Dongting Road marking has complete facilities, guardrail, street lights and sidewalks and green belt has been completed, but there are still some facilities still further improved, the official opening time has not been determined. According to the honest Engineering Consulting Group Limited by Share Ltd project director Huang Daosheng introduction, Dongting Road construction project called "city Chang Lu, now officially named Dongting road. It is reported that the road bicycle lanes and sidewalks were paved with colored concrete and permeable brick, especially the width of 6 meters in the zone into a sunken green space, rainwater grate, overflow and other unique sponge treatment facilities design of edge banding. S6B17053 (Haixi morning news (micro-blog))相关的主题文章:


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