Xixia: two a normalized "tree to do" as the pioneer – Henan Network – people.com.cn original title: Xixia: two to learn a "normal" transfer to tree "when pioneer practice, problem solving is the fundamental goal of learning a two" learning education. Since this year, Xixia County focus on strengthening the party members consciousness and temper moral quality, boost the spirit of the state, in the county to carry out a "family tree, family virtue, morality, advanced indisputable pioneer to do good" as the main content of the "tree to become" theme educational activities, learn to do, to deepen and promote to change ascension, trying to make the "two a" become the education of Party members, the masses have vivid practice of affordable, effective development. Adhere to the problem oriented, high starting in the innovation carrier. Xixia County, a profound understanding of the General Secretary Xi series speech is a basic outline of the party governance, constitution and discipline is the basic law of the party, all Party members must learn deep penetration, let the "outline of law" into the brain and heart. In order to expand the "learning" of the content, enhance the "do" benchmarking, enhance the relevance of education and flexibility, we focus on how to practice the socialist core values, excellent traditional moral culture heritage, the new period of innovation, how to promote political and social ecology and how to optimize "four major issues, with good tradition and civilization harmonious family is the spiritual connotation, from tradition family motto, in the whole society to create a civilized etiquette, filial piety of public order and good morals old love, family harmony and social harmony; in order to promote the socialist core values as the spiritual connotation, tree morality virtue, to enhance the people’s quality of civilization and moral level;" Xixia development first "as the spiritual connotation, indisputable pioneer advanced, the cadres of the county people to entrepreneurship, to learn Lei Feng post officer; for the spiritual connotation, to do good in the county. I create a strong atmosphere for everyone, everyone for me, mutual fraternity. The "tree" and "as a two" learning party in Xixia and the specific brand, interact, learn to do both, Chunhua folk club wind, optimization of party conduct, make "two a" lively, sustained. Adhere to the party subject, leading the demonstration in Excel in. Party members and cadres is the "two main power", is to promote the "tree to become" to the development of the demonstration benchmark. Study and education, we insist on learning, the majority of Party members to study the Party Constitution Party, in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, in-depth study of rural wind Xian culture, ideals and faith, take the initiative to play as. Adhere to the reform, to carry out extensive volunteer service activities and the "Ten Star civilized households" and "outstanding communist party demonstration households" model family members "selection activities, enhance the party’s ideological level, keep the spirit pillar does not fall, not forget the early heart, continue to move forward. Adhere to the reform and improve efficiency, carry out the "bright sun" action, based on their own, job dedication, arouse the enthusiasm of Party members and cadres of entrepreneurship, has emerged a national moral models Award nomination, the company Party branch secretary Cheng Wuchao, the post Lei Feng model, Ssangyong court toward the "learning Jiao Yulu Ji. Good cadre Li Hualing and a large number of outstanding figures, forming a unique" Xixia entrepreneur phenomenon "," love)相关的主题文章:


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